Can standards be TOO high? Why yes. They can.

I've been noticing lately, that a lot of peoples' expectations for a potential significant other are quite RIDICULOUS.
Point. Blank.

Sure, everyone has the image of their "ideal mate" in their head and that's 100%, completely fine. However, please don't be so naive as to disregard the fact that we do live in an imperfect world composed of imperfect people. Please, have standards, yes, please do.
High ones. However, don't go overboard on all these "qualifications". It's easy to get caught up in things that, quite frankly, are irrelevant in the grand scheme of life.

There are certain things that YOU KNOW you personally like & need for a relationship to run smoothly. With me for example, a potential significant other must have a relationship with God & a desire for spiritual growth. If we can't connect spiritually, I doubt there will be much potential in anything deeper between us. Or as another example, I need a guy who is patient. I know my personality & I know that opening up can sometimes be a challenge for me. If a guy isn't patient with me, I can't imagine that things would progress smoothly between us. There are certain things that just cannot be disregarded if I expect to have a successful relationship. Don't compromise on things like that, ever. That in itself would be set up for failure.

Everyone has their things that they desire and their specifics that are important to them. However, it is important to evaluate your 'Potential Mate Checklist' and eliminate any irrational things. First and Foremost, if it's comprised of things that YOU cannot confidently say that you can bring to the table as well, reevaluate. People like to hold their potential significant other to standards that they wouldn't even hold themselves to. (And probably couldn't even hold themselves to if their life depended on it, smh)
Be realistic.

Secondly, when you start getting too specific you start setting yourself up for failure. Sure, I'd like to be with a guy who is taller than me -- cool. But -- If I start making up unimportant specifics, saying that I won't give a guy the time of day if he isn't over the height of 6'4'' .......then I'm beginning to set myself up. Don't miss out on opportunities that God may have in store for you because of irrelevant "standards". I've heard some crazy, crazy irrational things over the years. You won't date a man with small feet? o_0 You won't date a man with dark nail beds? o_0
Okay, to each his own. Seriously.
Just don't let unimportant things cloud your judgement, people.

Like I state previously, I am by no means saying NOT to have high standards. Please DO realize what you deserve & don't settle for anything less. Just don't be unrealistic, looking for Mr. or Ms. Perfect when you are not at all perfect yourself. Don't hold your potential significant other to standards that you couldn't even hold yourself to. If your "list" of standards are comprised of unimportant things, especially things that are subject to change over time, please reevaluate their actual importance.
That is all.
Good day :-)

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