warning signs.

When it comes to relationships, we often times ignore God to get what we feel we need at the time. We want someone cause we are lonely, or we want to marry because everyone else is getting married. Many times people seek marriage or engagements because they need to feel wanted or they are trying to prove something to their family or friends.

But no Christian on earth should ever form relationships until “GOD gives the thumbs up!” I know that’s hard to swallow because we like to feel in control of our own relationships. But only God knows the end as well as the beginning, so his advice is priceless when it comes to marriage and family. And God will always give you warning signs before you ever commit to the wrong person.

He will show you what’s up, but you must take heed and listen to him. If your fiancĂ©’ is abusive to you now, then it will get much worse when you marry them! If your boyfriend got a little sugar in his tank now, marrying him is not gonna make the sugar go away! If you can’t stand them now, chances are, you won’t be able to stand them after the wedding!

We must learn to ask God before we decide to do things like marry, date, or even search for a mate. God has the answer and he will show you very clearly. But you must learn to hear him and obey what he says.

God does not take us through bad relationships to teach us a lesson or give us a powerful testimony! God does not glory in divorce and he would that no man put asunder their marital vows. So, he is in the business of warning us before we ever get into these situations. God wants to protect you from a bad relationship, so he sends warning signs. But because of loneliness, low self worth, or stubbornness, we decide to go our own way and ignore God’s warning signs.

The saddest part is that we get ourselves into a place where we have ignored the voice of the Lord so much, we can’t hear him anymore. And at that point, we are seemingly on our own, bumping our heads, trying to fix what we have messed up. Children get involved and destroyed, our home gets torn apart, and drama begins to follow us everywhere, all because we did not heed the warning signs, Please, do not ignore God’s warning signs about your relationships.

You must understand that God wants the best for you and he does not glory in you being abused and hurt from a bad relationship. You deserve better and you must allow him to bring the best to you. If you see yourself as God’s child, then you must allow him to choose whom he feels is right for you.

Suggested Reading
Jer. 6:10, 2Cor. 6:14 , Matt. 5:32, Matt. 19:6
by G. Craige Lewis

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