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I haven't really had anything pertinent on my mind lately, so I haven't had much to write about. Pastor preached on integrity on Sunday and I thought it was a good lesson -- told myself I was going to write about it but then didn't feel like it, lol.

However, I've been making some changes and making some decisions on my behalf, because as I have stated before...I've dedicated this summer to me, I'm working and focusing on me for a change. It's needed. But back to what I was getting at, I've been thinking about the things young women need to possess: character, self-confidence, integrity, etc ... but I honestly think the most important quality to possess is self-respect. Think about it, if we really respected ourselves [in all areas. respecting for our minds, our bodies, etc], held ourselves to high standards and realized what we deserved, we would not tolerate a lot of the things that we do and for sure wouldn't get mixed up in a lot of the things that we find ourselves mixed up in. We've got to learn to respect ourselves above everything else because if we don't respect ourselves, how are we going to expect other people -- and esp men, to respect us as well? Doesn't make sense. And we can go around all day long boasting that we don't care what other people think about us and "I'm just doing me -- hate it or love it." But uh, I truly believe we need to slow that down. Yeah, do you of course...do you and be confident in what you do. Of course, don't let other's opinions slow you down or upset you -- but quite frankly I think we should care if people don't respect us. "You don't gotta like me, but you will respect me" ... I think it's very important. Without respect, I'm not sure we can get very far in life. If no one respects you, your word, your opinions, your work...hmmmm then what validity do you really have?

Thoughts of the day.
Time to eat :)

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