sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare?

From as far back as I can remember, I have always been able to recall my dreams regularly -- then I might go a week or two where I don't remember my dreams, but for the most part I always remember them. I had a period when all my dreams had something to do with water [watching my friends drown and trying to save them, saving people off of a ship thats sinking and rowing them to shore, going swimming but the surface was like glass and couldn't get thru] ... always have weird dreams. some are serious like the ones i just mentioned, but most of the time they are extremely ridiculous and if they did have meaning, I can't imagine how, lol.

Last summer I had this crazy dream about the guy I was crushing on -- didn't think much of it because it's not strange for me to dream about people in my life, of course. this one just stood out because it was so strange, dealing with grapefruit, broken glass, pictures, intersections, bricks -- just a bunch of randomness. I thought it was strange and decided to tell him about it. Guess that's the type of stuff he's into because he broke the dream down so easily -- saying that each item in the dream symbolized something. Once he put meaning to the objects -- the dream told a story. it was pretty creepy, lol. cool, but creepy.

The thing about it, is that I dream so frequently but it's rare that I have dreams that stick out to me. This week, every dream I've had has tied into the previous somehow and it's scary. I rather not talk about the topic of the dreams because it's pretty weird. I'm just wondering if dreams really do have meaning. I mean, I think they do...but how are you supposed to know? I'm no dream interpreter lol.

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