Chameleons & Fakes

I'm sure you have befriended a few.
Haven't we all?

You know that person. When they are with you, they are just like you. You like Kid Cudi, they like Kid Cudi. You like gummy bears, they like gummy bears. You hate....the color orange, and omgee -- THEY hate orange.

Yep, then when they're with the next person? The next person hates Kid Cudi, so do they -- his music is nothing but emo rap. The next person hates gummy bears, so do they -- gummy bears are such a children's candy. The next person loves the color orange, and yep -- they love it even more.

Okay true, I'm being a little ridiculous with this example but you get my drift. We all know that person that changes :: the way they talk, the slang they use, their attitude, their thoughts, the way they dress, the way they laugh --- they change everything about themselves depending which crowd they decide to associate themselves with that day.

Ok, number one -- a chameleon is no different than a fake. Who are you? There is a difference between adapting to the people around and becoming the people around you. If you like Kid Cudi, then you like Kid Cudi. If your next friend does not, what goes through your head that tells you to suppress your like for him to agree with their dislike?

If you know good-and-doggone-well, when you go shopping you check that clearance rack first -- why when you're out with your uppity friend who mentions that they wouldn't be caught dead huddled around a clearance rack ...you laugh, high-five her and nod your head in approval? Then you have to walk past that clearance rack, holding your jacket closed in hopes that your uppity friend doesn't realize that the shirt you have on is the hanging right on that clearance rack where you found it last week?

(ahaha, ok -- I'm doing the most with this example, moving on...)

When they're with the good girls, they're a good girl. When they're with the quiet shones, they're a quiet shone. When they're with........ok, you get it, lol.

Number 2 -- When you go home at night and look at yourself in the mirror -- who do you identify with? The group that you are around defines who you are, so who are you when they're not there? I can't imagine that it feels good to realize that the "friends" who love you, love someone that you cannot even relate to when not in their presence.

I understand that not everyone is comfortable in their skin -- please don't take this a judgemental rant -- it's just something that I have been observing a lot lately. In extreme measures. Ladies, either you drink or you don't. You're a virgin, or you're not. Men, you're GAY or you're not. You like her, or you don't. Man, I tell ya....lol.

Hm, and on another note. Either you are someone's friend -- or you are NOT. All this fake -- "Ooh-I-Hate-That-Hoe-But-Ima-Yell-HEYYY-Hug-Her-Neck-And-Smile-In-Her-Face-When-I-See-Her" -- is ridiculous.

And quite frankly, associates who have the audacity to lean over to me and tell me how much you can't stand somebody -- then do what I've stated above...I'm just going to begin looking at you sideways. I look at people's actions, not their words. If they line-up, great. If not, I take note of the discrepancies and store that away for future reference. A fake is a fake and I will not for one minute think of myself as fake-friend proof. That is what I like to call: a set up for failure.

Fake friends, chameleons, haters...or your friends? It can be hard to differentiate between them at times, right? Right. I believe the word: "friend" is thrown around too loosely -- to the point that it really has lost it's meaning. A genuine friend is hard to find, #cliche (sorry, twitter talk -- it happens) associates come in the dozens -- it's just necessary to know when and where to draw the line.

Aw man, & just to throw this out there -- there is nothing worse than a hater disguised as your friend! That one who politely shoots down your aspirations. Or kindly insults you -- claiming that it is reconstructive criticism wrapped in a little love, lol. That one who can't stand to see you happier than they are. Fake friends, hating friends -- tsk tsk.

I don't know why I decided to write about this after this haitus, lol. Just seemed kind of interesting, I guess.

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