Negativity is infectious .

The people that you choose to surround yourself with play a more crucial role in your life than you may realize. Negative attitudes are an infectious disease. If you surround yourself with pessimistic individuals -- watch how quickly your positive attitude will wane. And vice versa: if you're in the pits, put yourself amongst people who have an optimistic nature and see the difference in your walk.

"What you choose to direct your focus to is what you choose to give precedence to"
(my pastor whom I miss dearly lol)

Focus on the negative, expect negativity to take precedence in your life. Focus on the positive...yeah, you get it.

Wise words. Funny how the most influential words of encouragement are usually the most simple. Then in turn, the most simple are usually the most difficult to implement.

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haha, this might be the absolute wrong song to go with this post -- but hey, it's what I'm listening to ! The beat is cheery, despite the words :)

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  1. taking it in my heart Krissy.....its a moment of learning