Another Year, Another Lesson...

( I know I’m a little late but I’m finally getting some down time to actually put this post up. Better late than never. J )

2010, I learned a lot about myself, more so than I have in any other year. I can honestly say that I do not have any regrets nor any ill feelings when I look back onto my year. Every trying situation was a learning experience, every misguided decision translated to gained insight. I learned how to be more independent, thinking for myself even if others do not get me or understand me and being confident in that. I learned what is best for me in many different areas of life. I’ve also learned what to tolerate and what not to tolerate in those same areas. I’m walking away with much knowledge and simple realizations about myself which I either learned this year, or had reiterated to the point that they became a genuine reality to me. I thought that I would share some. Enjoy.

01 :: Do not ever rationalize people’s actions. Never waste your time picking your brain with questions like: “Why in the world would they do something like that?” or statements like: “I really just don’t understand how they could act like that!” Majority of the time, you and that individual are simply not at the same level of thinking nor on the same maturity level. Therefore, rationalizing their actions from your point of view is pointless.

02 :: No one knows what you are thinking unless you actually speak up and express what’s on your mind. You can’t expect people to read our minds, no matter how obvious the matter may seem.

03 :: If someone must constantly tell you: “I’ve changed! I really have!” or even plead for you to believe that they have, chances are… they probably haven’t.

04 :: Although words speak volumes on their own, actions speak a million and one times louder. People literally will tell you anything. People will do all they can tell you what you want to hear. People talk just to hear themselves talk sometimes. Rule of Thumb: Talk with no action is a problem.

05 :: Your friends don’t always need to know everything. Sometimes you need to work things out on your own; just you and God.

06 :: You can have whatever you say as long as you believe you receive it when you speak it (Mark 11:24)… And as long as it does not contradict God’s Word or his Will. Sometimes we forget that piece.

07 :: You never truly know people the way that you think you do & for that reason, it’s not wise to put your confidence in people. That doesn’t mean that you have to be suspicious of everyone, it simply means… be aware.

08 :: Twitter ruins my perception of so many people. If your Twitter façade makes people question your character, authenticity, or integrity… that’s an issue.

09 :: Twitter has the potential to be the death to modern relationships. Twitter is a set-up for even the most secure relationships. I pray to God, that the next guy that I am genuinely involved with is either:
A. Not on Twitter at all
B. Not obsessed with Twitter (If you tweet more than 50 tweets a day, you’re obsessed in my books!)

010 :: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me Three times, then I seriously need to get myself together.

011 ::Red flags wave at us for a reason & your gut-feeling is 99.9997% accurate. We always ignore it yet in hindsight we always say, “Dang. Something told me *insert what you ignored here*”. Listen to your instincts.

012 :: In your relationship with God, if you always make decisions based on how you feel, you will not get very far. Your spirit man is the one who is righteous, not your flesh. Your flesh will FEEL completely opposite of what your spirit man wants a lot of the time. Obey God, don't be influenced by how you feel!

013 :: If he looks like a Snake, moves like a Snake and talks like a Snake, he’s probably a Snake.

014 :: If he looks like a lion, moves like a lion and talks like a lion, chances are… he might just be a Snake.

015 :: If you have to question whether you are “in love” or if you are just “infatuated”, you’re probably not in love. But, that’s just my opinion… what would I know? lol

016 :: Happiness is a choice.

017 :: Building my relationship with God provides me with a sense of peace, joy and security that I cannot get from anywhere else.

018 :: Despite being confident in myself as a person, I still have a tendency to underestimate myself. Not that I ever think that I am incapable of doing something, I tend to do something, see the amazing results, then find myself surprised at my ability.

019 :: Never regret any experience that once brought a smile to you face. Even if that experience changed for the worse, you gained insight and you grew in ways that never would have been possible if you didn’t experience it. Thank God for those experiences. All things work together for good… (Romans 8:28)

020 :: “Let’s just be friends” never really means that. Translation: “We’ll say we are cordial but ignore each other’s existence”

021 :: One of the worst feelings is looking at someone that you thought you knew well and not being able to recognize them anymore.

022 :: Sometimes we hear scriptures so many times that their meaning completely goes over our heads. It’s amazing that when you pray and ask for revelation, even the most cliché scripture can be deeply moving.

023 :: Don’t ever make excuses for why someone mistreated you.

024 :: “Caring what other people think is a person’s biggest limitation.” - Brittany

025 :: Compromising can be totally unintentional. Intentional or unintentional, compromising your desires, beliefs, etc simply shows that there is a lack of trust in God. You end up conforming your thinking to that of the world, therefore you begin expecting that of the world. We stop trusting God enough to allow him to prove that his Word is true – that he will provide us with things that exceed even our greatest expectations (Ephesians 3:20). We can’t go by what seems to be a reality around us in the world, that’s not faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). & without faith, God cannot move his hand.

026 :: There is a little truth in every lie.

027 :: Distractions come in beautifully wrapped packages. & contained within those packages are usually things that we truly desire… which is how they reel us in. But once you dig to a little deeper into the package, you’ll discover much of what you do NOT what. & usually, by the time that you’re that deep into that package, it’s far too late. Don’t be deceived from the beginning. Consult Holy Spirit before opening any unfamiliar packages ;-)

028 :: “We should stop having such passionate opinions about things that we have no responsibility for” Joyce Meyer. I have a bad tendency to get annoyed by the things that other people do, yet they’re not my responsibility. No matter how much I’d like to see someone do better, I need to understand that it’s not always my responsibility to get involved.

029 :: Wearing your heart on your sleeve is not bad in and of itself, wearing your heart on your sleeve too soon for someone who wouldn’t be willing to do the same for you is when problems begin to arise.

030 :: When someone shows you their true colors, believe them.

031 :: You’ve got to know who YOU are first before trying to be in a relationship with someone. Think about it. They’re trying to get to know YOU, so if YOU don’t even know YOU … who are they really getting to know?

032 :: If you ever feel like you are walking on eggshells or that you’re compromising your happiness to please someone else, run the other way.

033 :: Everyone is not as put together as they seem.

034 :: People oftentimes use “logic” simply to justify their actions and discredit others in a very illogical manner. If someone doesn’t want to be wrong in their situation, they’ll find a way to make their decisions or opinions seem logical in order to make them “right” and you “wrong”. It’s simple… doesn’t mean that what they’re saying is logical. “Logic” is relative.

035 :: It’s not my responsibility to help everyone, but it is my responsibility to love everyone.

036 :: Currently, my biggest challenge when it comes to my lifestyle is loving others. Jesus commands us to love all people… yes, everyone. This includes the people that we do not like or the ones who talk about us or those ones who get on our LAST nerves. Anyone can love those who love them… Jesus said, what reward is there in that? But loving those who you do not like!? Man. That really is my biggest challenge. In my mind, if I don’t like you – you don’t exist to me. But, I know that is not the love of God.

037 :: You reap what you sow. What goes around comes around. Karma. Whatever you would like to call it… it’s true. Test it and see, lol. Often, people think about this in terms of negative consequences but it works both ways.

038 :: A great way to exercise love for those who it is hard to love, is to pray for them.

039 :: God speaks to me the most through writing, dreams and visions.

040 :: Whatever you focus the most attention to in your daily life, is what becomes magnified in your thinking. Choose wisely.

041 :: “Sometimes we expect more from others simply because we would be willing to do that much for them.”

042 :: The value of friendships and relationships is slowly dwindling as the years progress.

043 :: Probates are more like “going-away” celebrations. But hey, if your friendship changes simply because they went greek, they were never your friend to begin with. Accept that.

044 :: I give people more chances than they usually deserve.

045 :: Keeping your heart guarded in a relationship is safe place to be but it is not a happy place to be.

046 :: Just because you are a genuine person does not mean that everyone operates with that same decency.

047 :: Sometimes it’s hard to accept that some people are only meant to be in our lives for a season… but it’s a reality. Once I learned to accept that & learned to appreciate what each person brought to my life while they were in it – it makes life so much more simple.

048 :: Jesus referred to Holy Spirit as the “Helper” and “Friend” for a reason. Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth when you give him the liberty to. The good thing about this Friend is that he was sent to earth by God himself and he will never lead you in any direction but in the one that keeps you in the will of God.

049 :: Nothing that is worthwhile in this life is effortless.

050 :: Being in the will of God is the only place I ever want to be, everywhere else is simply mediocre.

Goodbye 2010 & thanks for all you had to offer me. Hello 2011, I’m looking forward to all you have in store for me. This Year will be my best year yet. 2010 was about insight… 2011 is about action. Watch out for me J

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