Genuinely Caring about something often gets misread as Concern. I promise you, there is a HUGE difference. Please don't assume that one is Concerned when they simply have the human decency to Care. I swear, that the value of friendships nowadays is plummeting quickly because people lack Care. & being the person that I am, I simply can't get with it.

I cannot and probably will not ever fully understand those individuals who go about life as either an emotionless robot or as self-centered. But, I do understand however, that complaining about people like this will not stop me or anyone else from encountering, or even forming bonds with individuals like them. Unfortunate, but that’s life. The entire world could stop caring for one another but it’s my responsibility to be who I am. And that means that I will continue to love and care for all people in my life – distant, close or on bad terms. If they, so separated from the idea of caring about a friendship or another person other than themselves, incorrectly interpret my CARE as CONCERN, then that honestly, truly is FINE.

Genuine people are hard to come by, so when you do meet them, hold on to them.

& don’t be discouraged by those who are not… their lack of care should never effect YOU and who you are as a person. Smile, pray for them & let it go.

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