You never truly realize how much the last person hurt you until someone new attempts to walk into your life. That person unknowingly walks into the prison in which you have locked yourself — greeted by the brick walls that tower around your heart. They are stuck trying to bulldoze through deep-rooted walls and trying to pry into the dead-bolted steel box that you have locked your emotions into.You find yourself wanting to let the person in but something deep within you just won’t let you go there… you feel apprehensive… you’re confused. Been there? It’s that one moment of vulnerability that makes you realize that the last person who hurt you is still hurting you by affecting your relationships. You’re “over” them, yet in still, they have a hold on your life. And hopefully, it’s that same moment of truth that opens your eyes and helps you realize that you cannot let past disappointments of life affect the way you live in the present. Going through life with your heart guarded is a safe place to live but it’s not a happy place to live. All that you will do is end up pushing away the very people who care the most about you. Take risks. Be vulnerable at times. Live your life openly. Love freely.

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