common trend?

Topic: One guy, multiple females. (who are all [most of the time] oblivious to each other)

Why have a girlfriend, when you're going to have sex with everything that's willing? Get out of the relationship.Why claim you are talking "exclusively" to a female, when you're telling mary, sue and jane that you're talking "exclusively" with them too? Funny how niggas like to have that main girl that they know is down for them, want to keep her in their pocket while they wanna still play around with all these silly females on the low. Selfishness. Sad to see people that I look up to and couples that people on campus look at as "picture perfect couples" --- and the guy is sleeping with some girl and gettin head from another trick. Ugh, it's really starting to bother me. It's like this common trend. You'll be talking to a friend who tells you about how her and her boo Zack are doing so good and how he's so wonderful, then the next day you're talking to a friend from another circle of homegirls who tells you this her and Zack hooked up after Animal InstinQ. Or who hear, "oh yeah Tim and Jane have been together since last semester, how cute." Then next thing you know, Tim is asking for your number, asking you to chill, then asking to eat you out on the low...."It's all up to you". Just being real. This is getting out of hand. I know, it shouldn't be surprising to me. But...it never ceases to amaze me everytime. Me and my homegirls sat in suwannee and thought of how many situations we could think of where there was one guy, messing with multiple females: 11. That's just what we came up with, of course there's way more stuff going on that I probably dont even want to know about. How many guys with girlfriends were messing around with other girls: 3. Who the hell can you trust?

And for females, who know a guy has a girlfriend and still pursues him. Get your shit together. Because as soon as you get a man and he cheats on you, you're gonna be the main one crying and boohooing complaining that there ain't no good men out there. Me and a good friend of mine we're just talking last week about how he feels that girls cheat more than guys and that the reason guys cheat is because stupid girls make it available. I didn't agree. But after hearing what I've been hearing this week....I'm starting to see his point. I feel like both are equally responsible --- but I definitely see his point. Ugh, ugh, ugh! I'm really feeling like you can't trust nobody. And for people who know me, that is shocking to hear coming from the girl who hands everyone her trust with no hesitation. I hate feeling like that honestly -- but really, this is getting out of hand. People I would never expect.............................and that's fine. Expectations are overrated. I've learned that this year. I swear, I've learned more outside of the classroom than I have academically...man. Ahhh, the college experience! Lol. ♥

P.S. And I really hate to be stereotypical, with all honesty -- I really do. When I first got to college and everyone said "steer clear of greeks and athletes", it used to get on my nerves because I hate when people generalize people and categorize INDIVIDUALS simply by what they are affiliated with. But, out of those 11 situations we named...8 of them were greek, 1 was an athelete and two are just regular students with no particular affiliation. That's just some food for thought.


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