...wtf? not another.

so at the end of the day, is it always going to be about sex? funny how the most [seemingly] genuine smile can have the most twisted intentions. funny how the ones who proclaim themselves to be gentlemen are the main one's who are NOT. funny how the ones who are screaming that they are different....at the end of the day, are identical to the guys that they are claiming that they resent. so who are you trying to convince? yourself? because you sure as hell aren't fooling me. you almost did this time, not going to lie...I was flattered. BUT, I shouldn't have been. going RIGHT back to this previous blog that i wrote. it is the most unsuspecting people. why can't you just get to know me because you enjoy me and my personality? why not invest time simply because you are interested in me? not what's under my skirt. "I want to take your virginity." Really? I'm sure your mothereffin GIRLFRIEND would love that. I refuse to be "that girl". Never. I will not become what I despise.

get your shit together guys. please.

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