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K-Young - Three Years Today

Ok, so I was listening to this song the other day and the question crossed my mind -- so, is K-Young gay? I mean, clearly he is singing about a man in this song. Ok, not that it even matters but it just caught me off guard. I listened to it twice back-t0-back, to see if maybe I was listening to the song too literally or at surface level -- ugh, yeah -- I didn't pick up on any apparent "deepness", lol.

I thought, maybe it's like a song about his dad or something (Similar to Pretty Ricky's song "Can't Live Without You") but then in the second verse he clarified by saying "my only lover". Then in the end he refers to "Bonnie & Clyde". So? But it's whatever -- who cares really? I like this song, it's definitely not his best, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

I just got put on K-Young after getting Yung Berg's most recent mixtape & saying "Who is the guy singing?" in just about every song that I heard & liked. (Don't judge the fact that I have Yung Berg's mixtape, lol! It's really different -- don't sleep on it!)

K-Young's BEST Song, in my opinion is 'I Need Love'. Omgee. Download that bih. Definitely.

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