Just that ONE person....

It is amazing the impact that an individual can have on your life. The influence they have, no matter how minute or how grand it may seem, inevitably leaves a mark on our lives whether we notice it or not. I thank God for the people that he has strategically placed in my life to help build me and mold me into the young woman that He wants me to be. As I always say, nothing happens without rhyme or reason -- everyone who is in my life is there for a reason and each one serves a purpose. Some may be there to give me something to strive for and look up to, while others may be there to show me a glimpse of who I do not want to be [Kanye says it best: "Everything I'm not, made me everything I am." lol], some may be there to uplift me, some individuals are there to get me off course [Just as God can place people in your life, so can Satan as he tries to detour you in life -- and trust, he tries hard.], some are there to just be good friends, good mentors, and great motivators -- and it's so easy to overlook at times. Not all situations will be positive. Life brings brings you fake friends, bad relationships and immature people you must deal with on a regular basis....but instead of looking at it as something negative, I have learned to look at situations and see what I've learned or what I can take from the situation for the future. There is always something. Life is just a big learning process for me right now. Nonetheless, I'm thankful for it because whether I realize it at the time of not, every person that I am in contact with and/or form a relationship/friendship with is helping to shape me into the person I am becoming.

Just my thoughts for the day.

On a different note, Happy Mother's Day♥
Today was my first time back @ SOFCC since December and it was so refreshing to be back at my own church with my own pastors! Ahh. Missed them! As always, we went to church this morning as a family. No sermon today, Pastor Mike just honored to mothers [first time mother's, mother with the most children present, and the oldest mother each got $1000] Nice service, they kept us laughing as usual! After, mom wanted to go to Cheesecake Factory for Mother's Day, so we went and had some great convo as a family. Just an all around beautiful day! ♥

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