"better late than never, but never late is better..."

I'm going to try to avoid a rant right now and just speak what's on my mind. Excuse me if I seem a little annoyed. I am. I've just been noticing lately that when it comes to relationships it seems to be a common trend for people who MISSED OUT on their opportunity to try to double-back & "reclaim" it. No. It doesn't work like that, lol.

I think it's safe to assume that everyone's motives behind doing this different. Jealousy, maybe? Perhaps selfishness? Maybe the person doesn't want to see the person with someone else. Arrogance? Maybe they want to keep the other person strung along for their personal gain? Maybe the person is attracted to the situation simply because it is now "off-limits" or maybe they genuinely realized that they let someone good slip through their fingers. Who knows. I don't know. I just have a big problem with it.

On of my previous blogs was a quote from my friend which stated:

"If you truly believe someone is special --
don't be dumb enough to think you're the only one that thinks so."
- adam tolliver

That quote = the truth. Don't play games and then be surprised when the person moves on. Everything happens in due season. In due SEASON. And just like everything else, seasons change. Seasons come and go. Once your season is up -- you might as well say that you have exceeded your expiration date...time to give it up. If you decided NOT to seize the moment when it was initially presented to you, don't try to SEIZE the moment when that person is trying seize the moment with someone else. Take the L. Keep it moving.

It's easy to try to dismiss a situation like this by saying "Oh, well maybe it just wasn't meant to be." Don't kid yourself. It may have very well been what was "meant to be" but because you have freewill -- the decisions you chose to make simply assisted you in diverging for the opportunity that was placed in front of you. There are many paths that are presented to us in life. The ones you decided to take lead you to different outcomes -- some desirable & some undesirable. If you took the undesirable path -- don't be upset about the undesirable results in the long run.

Ugh, and no, I'm not saying that there are no second chances in life. Just know that second chances are only given out to some (shoutout to Kid Cudi, lol). If you see the opportunity, don't put it off. If you see the potential in someone or something, go for it. Don't wait around, play games and string people along because as soon as they catch on to your game and decided to say "GoodBYE" -- you're going to be sitting there looking real silly.
Don't be the one living in regret, looking for a second chance. Please.
Seize the moment.
Take opportunities.
Be open.
love freely
Live your life without regrets.
That is all.

Sorry for this. Ultimate rant, smh!

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