Ladies, before you can allow anyone else to love you, you must first learn to love yourselves.
Most people would probably say that they do indeed love themselves, If one were to ask.
But can you truly say that you love yourself?
Truly loving yourself means loving all of you.

This means, loving who you are past the insecurities & past the flaws.
Realizing that no one in this world is perfect, embrace your imperfections.
Your imperfections just show that you are human...
Not a 'barbie' ...which apparently is the 'new thing' to be as of late.
Realize that your imperfections make you undeniably beautiful.
They are just a 'minor' part of the complex bundle of things that make you...well... uniquely YOU.
Understand that even with all the imperfections in the world,
You are the wonderfully & fearfully created craftsmanship of God (Psalms 139:14)
Embrace who you are & everything about you!
Only when you can love yourself will you be able to let someone else love you.

Love yourself first, then watch everything else play out the way you've always imagined!
Someone is going to come along who will appreciate you 100% as you are.
In their eyes, your imperfections will be what make you perfect.
If someone can't appreciate you, 'flaws & all' ...
Then they never were worth your time!

Fall in love with YOU.

Love yourself from the inside out

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