Man it's night's like these...

why are the things that are:

- o f f ♥ l i m i t s
- u n o b t a i n a b l e
- f o r b i d d e n
- o u t - o f - s t o c k , lol

- u n a c c e p t a b l e

always the most:

- a p p e a l i n g.
- a d m i r e d.
- d e s i r e d & w a n t e d.

The fact that they seem unobtainable only seems to intensify the desire -- maybe because we want what we know we can't have. [Or what we THINK we can't have...because nothing is impossible. We psych ourselves out sometimes thinking things are out of our reach but there is a God, ya know? That's a different topic.]
It's human nature.
I don't like to look at it that way honestly. I
don't because ... I have fallen victim of it before...as I'm sure we all can attest we have at some point in our lives.
Whether it be something trivial to something life-changing.
I just know personally things don't become desired simply because they seem "unobtainable".
But then...i don't know.
I was just thinking about it.
It's past my bedtime♥

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  1. ....couldn't have said it better myself.